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A Daily Rundown- March 4th

Here is what occurred today around the world. Oregon increased its minimum wage. Now, the western state boasts the highest minimum wage in the country at $14.75 in urban areas. Nigeria has shut down one of itsĀ cattle markets. Officials claimed that this market was helping finance the terrorist group Boko Haram, but the public is… Continue reading A Daily Rundown- March 4th

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Australia-America’s Savior From Gun Violence?

Today is historic. Not because of the San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people, or because two mass shootings occurred on the same day– which is scarily regular, but a government has finally said “Enough is enough”. And it wasn’t even the American government. Enter Australia, the Canada of the rest of the world. Australia… Continue reading Australia-America’s Savior From Gun Violence?