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No, God Didn’t Choose You For the Job

I rarely talk about religion as it relates to my life, but recent events have forced me to speak up for a religion that has been twisted and manipulated to serve at the behest of politicians and deny minorities rights: Christianity. A frequent phrase uttered on the right side of the aisle is “God chose [blank] for this position”. Please, stop. Not only is this getting  old, but it is also frankly insulting to me and my faith.

First of all, if you are Christian, then you believe that God gave us free will. The whole notion that He would interfere in an election completely undermines that fundamental belief. You cannot truly be Christian is you don’t believe in free will. This is what supposedly separates us from animals, and without that clear distinction, how comfortable would fellow Christians be with all of the testing done on animals? After all, we would be on the same intellectually level. Not only that, but implying that God is controlling the election also implies that He has his hand in as things, even horrifying crimes like murder, rape, and torture. As you should know, God is goodness. This could not be the case if He were manipulating our actions.

Secondly, what gives them the right to place themselves on the same level as “chosen ones” such as David, Saul, and Jesus? Okay, I understand David and Saul. They both eventually fucked up in spectacular ways. But Jesus? He literally never sinned, was poor, and broke bread with those considered to be lowest of society. He informed people of the will of God, while also respecting his opponents as people, even as the murdered him. Don’t you dare compare yourself to Him.

And finally, if God is really manipulating the election, how could a true republican use this as a positive? These are the people that deny people the right to vote in order to supposedly keep elections pure. Perhaps, they are simply advocating for a dictatorship, and ignoring the fact that, not only would this go against everything the Founding Fathers believed in, but also God is not a citizen of the United States of America. Irony, much?

Please, to anyone who says that God has chosen someone for a position, stop taking the name of my religion in vain.

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