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A Daily Rundown- March 4th

Here is what occurred today around the world.

Oregon increased its minimum wage. Now, the western state boasts the highest minimum wage in the country at $14.75 in urban areas.

Nigeria has shut down one of its cattle markets. Officials claimed that this market was helping finance the terrorist group Boko Haram, but the public is thoroughly annoyed with this action. In a nation were many of its cattle market’s have been closed, the loss of the one located in Maiduguri has further increased prices of beef and the economic strain on a city to which refugees are fleeing.

Sixteen people were killed at a Yemeni home for the elderly. This tragic shootout, another symptom of the current civil war in Yemen, occurred at a ministry started by Mother Theresa. Four of the nuns working there were killed.

Ben Carson has officially ended his campaign. After facing a sharp decline in support, the retired neurosurgeon has left the campaign trail, choosing to chair a committee with a focus on getting Christian voters out to the polls. Given the current religious makeup the the United States, I don’t believe this will be too much of an issue. Currently, Carson is refusing to endorse a candidate.

And that’s the day in news.


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