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A Daily Rundown- March 3rd

Good evening! After a very eventful day in politics, here are the essential bits that you should know.

Mitt Romney and Donald Trump are at war. The former presidential hopeful shot down the last chance that the current presidential hopeful had at finding a firm source of support among the GOP establishment. Romney called Trump out on his racism, sexism, islamophobia, and more. True to form, Trump put out his own response, criticizing Romney for being a “failed candidate”. This feud will likely continue.

Bernie’s going rogue. Despite the common knowledge of Fox News’ right-leaning reporting, Bernie Sanders has agreed to a town-hall-style interview with the network on Monday, the day before the Michigan primary, without fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton in attendance as well, though she was invited.

Women are being recruited for combat duty. Finally, after much debate, woman are being allowed to enter the Navy SEAL program and are being encourage to enter previously male-only units of the Army and Marine Corps. This is hardly being forced to enter the draft, but gender equality now seems possible. Eventually.

China is not feelin’ the love. A popular online show features several gay protagonists has been censored in China, a country that only some categorizing homosexuality as a mental illness 15 years ago. However, this move has prompted millions of angry viewers to join forces with LGBT activists from around the world in generating a conversation about the nature of sexuality.

Mexico is fighting back. After being constantly demeaned by presidential Republican front-runner Donald Trump, the nation to the south of the Unites States, has passed a proposal to prevent Trump from entering the country. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so much, Mexico is not the first nation to put this idea forth. The United Kingdom debated this very same issue in parliament, hoping to make him the 85th person the be banned from the nation for hate-speech, thus far, no ban has been enacted, but British resentment of Trump hopefully runs deep.

That’s all for tonight! I’ll try to be more prompt in the future.


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