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Australia-America’s Savior From Gun Violence?

Today is historic. Not because of the San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people, or because two mass shootings occurred on the same day– which is scarily regular, but a government has finally said “Enough is enough”. And it wasn’t even the American government.

Enter Australia, the Canada of the rest of the world. Australia is an interesting place, with plenty of animals designed to kill or maim people. Everything is dangerous there, except the people.

That’s not true. Murder is still alive and well in the Land Down Under, but gun violence has greatly decreased since gun were outlawed after a devastating mass shooting that killed over thirty people. Liberals and conservatives banded together, destroying their own careers, in an effort to protect their constituents. For more information, watch John Oliver on The Daily Show discover this for himself.

Today, Australia remains a very anti-gun nation, and they are quite horrified by what is now a regular display of violence in the United States, one of their close allies. So, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer decided that he needed to do something. He believes that, when mass shootings occur in America, Australia should release a “travel warning” about the United States, similar to what America does whenever there is a threat of a terrorist attack in Australia, which is not nearly as frequent an occurrence as an American mass shooting.

Perhaps nothing will come of this, but props to Australia, specifically Tim Fischer, for calling out America’s bullshit. Maybe if the Australian government chooses to adopt this policy, other nations will join in and the American government will finally do something about the ridiculous levels of gun violence.

To everyone in the United States, please be safe.


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