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War of the Marvel World

So, the trailer for Captain America: Civil War came out. There was some crying and screaming involved and a lot of “holy shit”. It seems to already be better than Age of Ultron. And that’s just the trailer.

But why do I care? Well, I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly the characters Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes… pretty much everybody in the masterpiece commonly known as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This addition to the cap’s journey is directed by the same people who did Winter Soldier, the Russo brothers, so for all of us fans, we have hope that this movie will truly honor the splendid characters brought to life from the pages of comic books.

This movie is already to set new standards in the industry. Black Panther, the warrior king T’Challa from the fictional African nation of Wakanda, is set to appear in his first appearance before his stand alone movie, Black Panther. This is huge. For those of you who don’t know. T’Challa is black. But he’s about to star in a movie. And he’s the leader of a nation. And he’s a genius. This role breaks the standard mold for people of color in superhero movies, of which there are a heartbreaking few. Notable ones in the MCU are James Rhodes, or Rhodey, AKA War Machine, and Sam Wilson, AKA the Falcon, both of who, though fantastic characters, are sidekicks to the white male leads. T’Challa should hopefully remedy that.

Also worthy of noting, there was no romance- well, apart from the looks that Steve and Sam shared. Seriously, no kissing of any kind, and there were TWO women in the trailer. Wow, it’s a miracle! Perhaps women won’t be used for the sole purpose of creating romantic subplots. That would be nice, especially combined with all of the scenes of Natasha kicking ass and generally acting independent, even joining the side opposing Steve’s anti-registration movement. Those two have enough chemistry to light out a major city, and yet it is being used to further their relationship as friends and partners, not lovers. How refreshing.

Here is the trailer. Please enjoy.



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