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Bigots and Bullshit Part 1

Today, I would like to begin a series of posts that focuses specifically on what the title suggests: bigots and bullshit. This week, the most urgent focus of this post are the racist Islamophobes who are actively ruining the reputation of the United States as the “land of the free and home of the brave”, although honestly, you don’t have to be brave to be accepting of other people. So, why am I so worked up?

Well, for those of you less aware of the world than others, after the Paris attack, twenty-five state governors have pledged to refuse to accept any Syrian refugees seeking asylum. That’s right; after seeing what these people were running from, the governors, all of them republicans, decided to get involved in foreign policy and ignore the sufferings of fellow human beings, while blatantly neglecting to recall that the United States was founding by people who had escaped Europe from religious persecution, and just so we’re clear, these refugees, Muslim though they may be, do not share the same beliefs as the Islamic State. In fact, the vast majority of casualties in the war against ISIL, or ISIS, have been Muslims, and many of the targets have actually been mosques.

Here are some quick facts about the Islamic State:

  1. It started as an al Qaeda splinter group.
  2. Its goal is to create a caliphate, a nation of Islam, governed by Sharia law, an ancient Islamic governing system known for its conservative practices. However, under Sharia law, women were given more rights than in most other ancient nations, but it is highly doubtful that ISIL will keep this in mind.
  3. It is based in Syria.
  4. All of the land that they control is in the Middle East, located in Iraq and Syria.
  5. Muslim nations are the ones most involved in the fight against ISIL.20140830_mac990_2 So much for America’s “greatest military in the world”.
  6. The majority of Muslims are very opposed to the Islamic State. Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation, has even gone so far as to ban affiliation with ISIL.
  7. No Syrian refugees in the United States have committed domestic terrorism. In fact, no refugees from any country have committed domestic terrorism in the US since 9/11. And that’s out of 750,000 people.

If you would like additional information, check out CNN’s ISIS Fast Facts or CNBC’s Key Facts.

For more information about bigots and bullshit, watch the episode of The Daily Show from November 17, 2015. Seriously, Trevor Noah is all you need, especially when it is painfully obvious that he could spend a few hours lecturing about the idiocies of racist governors. Please everyone, Thanksgiving is a week away. It’s time to recall the ancestors that were marginally accepted into America before forcing the native people out of their homeland. So, the least we can do is make up for that single instance of assholery. It’ll take more than that to make up for a history of racism and bigotry, but welcoming Syrian refugees is a start. Hey Christians out there, what would Jesus do?

This has been a public service announcement by Artemisia. Carry on.


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