Prayers for Paris

When tragedy strikes, the question is always why? Why would anyone do such a terrible thing, and how could they possibly justify it? There are a plethora of reasons- hate for a group, belief that it is somehow right, faith in a twisted form of a beautiful religion- but in the end, all that people can see is the heartbreak and loss that defies justification.

Every American should understand how France feels. It was not so long ago that we were attacked on our own soil, killing thousands of civilians in multiple cities on a day that was like any other. And as Paris heals and France mourns, it is our duty to stand with them and declare our support as they recover, as well as fight the hate that led to this tragedy, for that is what this is. Pure hate. Though this was done in the name of Islam, no trace of the ancient religion can be found in these actions. Therefore, it should not be a burden upon our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world to apologize for the actions of a few whose actions pervert their faith. However, this is not a time for lecturing. This is a time to mourn all that has been lost and pray that peace will one day be achieved.

Please be safe.

pray for paris


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