Another political blog?

Yes, that is correct. At this moment, I, Artemisia (no, that’s not my actual name, though I wish it was because it sounds pretty damn cool), have decided that my opinions deserve to be added to the cacophony of other voices that are polluting this scientific miracle that we can the internet. Am I more worthy than others, and more deserving of this wonderful WordPress blog than the average human? Hardly. My opinions are far from original, not to mention reading all of this is far more difficult than watching it on a YouTube video. Honestly, I am amazed that you have continued to read. But I digress.

My purpose here is to express my opinions. As many people can understand, it is rarely my intention to insult people with my own views, however accurate they may be. So, this blog will be used to express the daily frustrations that I encounter, not trivial misunderstandings like whether Coke is better than Pepsi, because I don’t give two shits, but about topics of political importance, primarily centered on the United States, but who knows what other great nations will command my attention?

Before I begin, let it be known that I am a very biased human being, and my work will reflect this. I do believe in examining the facts, and I will hopefully continue to do so for the remainder of my life, but I have opinions. If you want a completely unbiased source of news or reporting, try moving to a different planet or check out FactCheck.org for some less biased reporting. Otherwise, please excuse me for not being an android.

So, hopefully this first post marks the start of a long and slightly successful career for myself in the blog industry. I guess we’ll see. Or at least I will.

This is Artemisia, signing off.


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